Your microbiome

You are more bacteria than human

In cell numbers at least

10 to one

More bacterial genes

Than human genes you have

By 100 to one


Your gut bacteria is another organ

Separate from you

But in you

Producing hormones


Amino acids

Chemicals that protect you

Preventing leaky gut

And cancer


These bacteria

Talk to your brain

To your liver

Your lungs

Your skin

Your bones

Your immune system


If unbalanced

These bacteria

Can cause eczema


Make you fat

Or diabetic

Or give you

Heart disease

Or Irritable bowel

Or Crohn’s disease

Or Ulcerative colitis


Are we the boss

Of these bugs?

Or the servant?



There is a contract

Look after your gut bugs

And your gut bugs look after you


Feed them right

And they feed you right


Feed them wrong

And they make you sick


Win – win


Lose – lose


You choose