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Dr Soosay has a special interest
in Integrative Gut Health.

“It is much more important to know what sort of a
patient has a disease than what sort of a disease
a patient has”

      – Sir William Osler, Canadian Physician

“All disease begins in the gut”

       – Hippocrates


Our focus will be to work in partnership with you to regain or optimise your health.

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About Dr Iggy Soosay

Over 35 years practicing Integrative Medicine (or Functional Medicine)

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I have been practicing Integrative Medicine for over 35 years and over time have found that many, many health issues seem to originate at the gut. In other words I found that if the gut is healthy it is digesting, assimilating, and eliminating well. Over and over again I found that if this area is corrected then the body tends to heal itself.  This may be an oversimplification but that is the crux of the matter. So over the last few years I have been focussing on gut issues IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), IBD (inflammatory Bowel Disease, chronic constipation, Reflux disease etc. I have been able to help a large number of my patients by  assessing their gut bacteria, changing these were necessary, changing the diet, using supplements and so on. I obviously can’t help all who come to me. Some may need more specialised treatment  and/or surgery and I  have a range of excellent specialists that I can refer to with confidence.


The contact details for Dr Soosay will change on February 2023.

Helpful Videos about Gut Health

Your microbiome – a poem

Your microbiome You are more bacteria than human In cell numbers at least 10 to one More bacterial genes Than human genes you have By 100 to one   Your gut bacteria is another organ Separate from you But in you Producing hormones Vitamins Amino acids Chemicals...

Could the gut microbiome be the cause of all illness?

We hear it all the time. The Western diet is killing us. It is associated with the growing rate of chronic diseases. We are told that the only way to overcome these diseases is to change our diet and to change our behaviours, but we have another important factor that needs to be considered with diet and behaviour.

Fibre the “new” Fountain of Youth?

We have all been told to eat our vegetables. Why? One reason is the fibre in vegetables keeps us regular - prevents constipation.   What else does fibre do? Numerous studies have shown that people who consume high levels of dietary fibre have less disease and...

Do you think you are in control of your health?

Who do you think is in control of your health? You may think this is a silly question. But bear with me and read on. Think about this. You live in a large house with a total of 10 people and all 9 of them are different to you - very different.  These 9 are generally...

Garlic, sexy?

We all know about garlic breath, don't we? We also know that garlic is good for you. It’s good for heart health, high blood pressure, immune system and the list goes on. But garlic attracting the opposite sex? Yes! It's proven. A study was done where men were divided...

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